Clinic Fit-Out Timeline and Process

In the ever-evolving healthcare industry, creating an optimal clinic space is crucial to providing top-notch patient care. A clinic fit-out involves designing, renovating, and equipping a healthcare facility to ensure it meets the needs of both medical professionals and patients. 

This guide breaks down HE Interiors’ clinic fit-out timeline and shows the process behind creating a functional and aesthetically pleasing medical space.

clinic fit-out timeline and process

The Importance of a Clinic Fit-Out

Before diving into the process, it’s important to understand why clinic fit-outs matter. A well-designed clinic not only enhances the patient experience but can also boost the efficiency of your business. An organised and visually appealing space can improve patient trust and satisfaction, leading to better outcomes for all. 

Project Pre-Start 

The project pre-start is a 10-12 week process from start to finish. During this stage, our main aim is to find out more about your business needs and what you want to get out of your fit-out. This will ensure that we are all on the same page when it comes to achieving your project goals and vision. 

1. Site Meeting 

1-2 weeks from initial contact depending on availability 

Your fit-out journey begins with a comprehensive consultation where you discuss your vision, requirements, and budget with the design and construction team. During this stage, the team evaluates the space and gathers the necessary information to create a tailored plan.

At this meeting, we will be able to quickly survey and measure your property and discuss your needs for the property. After this meeting, we will agree on a proposal and sign the terms and conditions. 

2. Initial Layout Designs and Drawings 

Within 3 weeks of the initial site meeting.

From the site meeting, we will provide you with an initial 2D layout and proposed design of your property. This will give you an idea of what we can do for you and how your space will look. 

3. Budget and Feasibility Costs 

Within 3 weeks from the initial site meeting.

At the same time as the initial drawings are being done, we will put together an outline budget of what we think your fit-out will cost. We usually work on the basis that depending on the specification you want it to be the price of your project will be between £130 & £150 per Sq ft. 

4. Detailed 3D Drawings and Final Specification 

Within 2 weeks of layout drawings being agreed upon.

At this stage, we will finalise the layout design with you and then create a 3D drawing. We will also write a final detailed specification and price from the agreed drawings. This includes space allocation, fittings placement, and the overall look and feel of the clinic. At this stage, you can collaborate closely with the team to ensure your vision fully aligns with the proposed design.

Our team of designers at HE Interiors have years of experience in creating functional, innovative workspaces for a diverse range of businesses. Before the build starts, we render accurate 3D designs to effectively communicate design ideas to you. This helps you envisage your future workspace and allows us to gain a better understanding of your project goals. 

Our talented 3D designers can bring to life a range of designs, so you have the option to pick and choose which elements would best suit you and your business. 

5. Pre-Start Site Meeting 

Within 3 weeks of the agreed start date. 

The pre-start meeting will take place on-site with you, our project managers, site foremen and all others involved with the project. We will run through the schedule of work and make sure that everyone is happy with the drawings and specifications. 

6. Project Start 

This will be the legal start date agreed upon prior to the pre-start meeting. We will work extremely hard to make this as soon as possible to ensure the project will be completed for your desired opening date.

The Fit-Out

The build element of your project will likely be the longest part of your clinic fit-out and can take anywhere between 6 weeks and over a year. This will vary depending on the complexity and size of your space, lead times etc. In the early stages of initial drawings and budget figures, we will discuss the timescales for your project. 

After the structure is ready, the selected furniture and fixtures are installed. This step requires careful attention to ensure proper alignment and functionality. Medical equipment is then installed and calibrated to meet industry standards. This is a critical step, as it directly impacts patient care. 

The Final Touches

Before the clinic opens its doors, rigorous quality checks and testing are conducted on all systems, ensuring that everything functions as intended.

At HE Interiors we help make your space personal to you and your business. This may involve the incorporation of branding through colour and lighting in client-facing areas such as the reception and waiting rooms. 

We understand how these finishing touches can be just as important as getting the overall design and build of the clinic right. Our knowledgeable team is dedicated to creating the ideal plastic surgery clinic for you, whether we are redesigning an existing clinic or building a new one.

Post Fit-Out

After your fit-out has been completed, we will be available to provide you with help and advice. In the days and months following the completion of your new clinic, our aftercare team will support you through any transitional changes.

Navigating the clinic fit-out process can come with challenges, such as unexpected delays or budget constraints. Open communication with the project team and having contingency plans in place can mitigate these issues.

Project Management

We use an all-in-one project management platform that has the tools to set a budget, communicate with you, schedule work and keep tabs on job site progress.

This software will give you peace of mind throughout the whole project as we can share information and pictures of the progress on-site. These tools are available at your fingertips and you can access them through a link that we will send you via email. 

Throughout the fit-out process, we make communication with you our priority. We ensure that you have a single point of contact during your fit-out who is there to answer any questions and keep you updated on the progress of your clinic.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I make changes to the design during construction?

While minor adjustments can be accommodated, significant changes can impact the timeline and budget. It’s best to finalise the design before construction begins.

What should I prioritise in the design?

Prioritise functionality, patient flow, and compliance with medical regulations. A balance between aesthetics and practicality is essential.

How can I ensure the clinic is compliant with healthcare standards?

Work with design and construction professionals experienced in healthcare spaces. They are well-versed in industry regulations.

What role do I play during the fit-out process?

Your involvement in the fit-out process is crucial, from providing input during the design phase to making decisions on materials and equipment. Open communication ensures your vision is realised.

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