Should you relocate or refurbish your office?

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Whether you are an SME or an international company, deciding whether to relocate or refurbish your office is going to be a massive decision for any employer. There are so many factors that need to be considered in the decision, such as, location, accessibility for the staff, cost, future growth, office disruption.

We have outlined our key elements to consider when making the decision whether to relocate or refurbish your workspace.


If space is the only consideration, then office relocation is not your only option. Although the simplest way to get more space is to move to a bigger office, a well-done refurbishment of your existing premises can free up space and use it more effectively.

If space really is a massive issue, then you can look into using off site storage facilities to free up room for more desk space.

Brand image

Have you recently undergone a rebrand or want your office to mirror your company’s brand? Updating the look of your office can transform the way that clients, potential clients and employees perceive your company.

Are you offering a modern state of the art product of service but operating from dated premises? Do you require show rooms or meeting space to impress clients that visit our office?

If your premises or office design does not mirror how you want your business to be perceived then a relocation or refurbishment could help enhance your brand image. Relocation can provide you with the ideal space, style and location that your business needs. However, even the most dated office can be completely transformed with a refurbishment and create a real wow factor for employees and clients.


Investing in your business to aid growth and expansion is key. Extensive research that has been carried out shows how a working environment can impact employee productivity, morale and wellbeing, so providing the right environment for your employees is essential.

You can inspire wellness in your office through either a refurbishment or a relocation. By designing your office to be centred around the needs of your employees you can increase their productivity and motivate them at work. Wellbeing needs to play a significant part of your organisation and the office to ensure you have a happy and engaging workplace.

Location, location, location

If your business has grown or adapted and your current premises is restricting the success of your business, then a relocation is a good option. Employees expect a certain level of quality from their workplace and in order to attract the best talent to your business you need an up to date office which will entice people to work for you.

If you feel like the location of your office is causing a major problem for attracting and retaining staff, then you may need to consider a relocation for your company.

If your building is listed in any way, then this may prevent you from making certain changes in a refurbishment. Therefore, if you are coming up against any of these issues, a relocation may be the best option for you.

A fresh Start

Sometime businesses want a fresh start after they have undergone a significant change and therefore either a relocation or a refurbishment would be ideal. This can be a great way to breathe life into the company and employees. It can help boost morale and improve employee’s motivation to succeed in their beautiful new surroundings.

We’d love to help you with either the relocation or refurbishment of your office. Contact us on 01793 840121 or to get I touch with a team member to discuss how we can use your space efficiently to create an office perfect for your company.

Should you relocate or refurbish your office?