How to make the most of office lighting to increase productivity

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Lighting is an integral part of office design and, just like the layout of an office, it can have a huge impact on the people who use the space. It can often be overlooked when thinking about office design, but it can have a significant impact on the health of your staff and your company image. Here are our top tips on making the most of your office lighting to increase productivity:

  1. Utilise natural lighting

Natural lighting is one the best assets in office design. It has the ability to instantly make an office look brighter and more appealing. Higher levels of daylight in an office can increase employee productivity and employees will sleep longer, exercise more and have a better quality of life than those exposed to less light. Maximising the use of natural light in an office can also cut energy bills as less artificial light is required.

  1. Adjustable overhead lighting

Ideally natural lighting is to be used as the main source of lighting in the office, however when those winter months kick in and the days get shorter there is a need for artificial light. This lighting should compliment the natural light and not over-illuminate the space. In order for employees to have control over how their workspaces are lit it is good to make sure that the overhead lighting is adjustable.

  1. Make the switch to LED

Recent studies have shown that offices that are brightly lit with LED lighting promote staff performance and well-being. Some measured benefits of LED lights include not only healthier brains and access to a deeper sleep, but also improved concentration & energy, lower stress & anxiety and increased motivation. In today’s climate we need to make sure that we are doing our bit to be more energy efficient and opting for LED bulbs can have a massive impact as they last longer and use less wattage to operate. Although LED bulbs are initially more expensive than traditional fluorescent bulbs, in the long term they are a more cost-effective solution.

  1. Task lighting

Open plan offices can easily become over illuminated with natural light and artificial ceiling lights. This can have a negative impact on your employees and is a waste of energy. General lighting should be layered with task lighting to allow an individual to have control over how their workspace is lit. This can be done using a table on lamp on their desks that is fully adjustable to suit their lighting needs.

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How to make the most of office lighting to increase productivity