5 things to consider when re-fitting your office

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Re-fitting your whole office can be huge project, not only do you want to improve the way the office looks but you also want to consider how it will work for your employees. Through many decades of office design concepts, plenty of trends have come and gone. However, the space itself is critical to the workforce’s happiness and ultimately to the company’s success. A workspace serves as a foundation to inspire creativity, improve productivity, increase innovation and support well-being – which all set the stage for a strong, vibrant culture.

Here are our top 5 things to consider when re-fitting your office:

  1. Plan around people

Companies can get so wrapped up in the aesthetics of the space that they overlook an essential design element during the planning phase: people. Employees need their workspace to help them thrive, so pay attention to office dynamics and ask for feedback from your employees.

Research shows that environments which are mostly open, but provide some private space have the highest effectiveness and efficiency. However, finding the balance is key. There is still a definite need to include private, quiet areas for focused work.

  1. Consider the noise

With open plan offices now a part of every company there is a lot of open space with many people working in the same area. Acoustics are often forgotten about or not given enough thought however, they play a very important role in an open plan office. Having the right amount of acoustics for the room can really dampen the noise and make it a much better environment for your employees to work in, especially those who prefer quieter working environments.

  1. Not all amenities are worth the investment

Consider the functionality of your areas in your office. Use your space to incorporate different areas to accommodate to your employees different learning styles. Keeping up with the trends is brilliant to make sure you have a modern office, but make sure that the amenities you have will be use and utilised by your employees.

  1. Flexibility is key

Flexibility must be a vital characteristic of any office. Employees value being able to have collaboration and teamwork in the workplace.

Plan the space so that it’s adaptable to changing needs. There may be times where teams need to work together to it is important to create fluidity where possible.

  1. Consider the future

Creating an office that works for all employees can be challenging. But as long as you plan for tomorrow and offer spaces to suit a variety of needs, you’ll move in the right direction. It all comes down to being thoughtful with each choice you make and making sure that you plan for potential growth in the company and utilise the space you have effectively.

In the end, it all comes down to flexibility. When you work to create great spaces that give people room to work in a way which is best suited to them, they will work at their most productive.

We’d love to start a project with you, whether that’s a complete office fit-out, a shop fit-out or any other refurbishment needs for your space.

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5 things to consider when re-fitting your office